The SPR Leftover Salad

SPR salad made of old greens

Sometimes life is simple. Like when you keep it simple. So open that fridge and see what you’ve got. You can replace any of the ingredients I used by literally anything you have. I thought this mix of greens wouldn’t taste as good as it did. Totally got surprised.

What you need:

  • old leafy greens
  • half a pot of old black olives
  • half of an old cucumber
  • 1 half of an old zucchini, grated, very thinly sliced, or like I it, spaghettised
  • hand full of hazelnuts, or any nuts you find laying around
  • some old broccoli, cooked for 3 mins
  • some leftover vinairgrette, or oil and lemon
  • something spicy, for instance spr old jalapenos

What you do:

You mix everything together, and yummmmm eat it up.

green salad from leftovers


Some extra do’s that will make every recipe spr nice:

  • make sure you add some sour to your left over green dishes. I always enjoy a lemon squeeze that just freshens everything up.
  • add jalapenos or any kind of spice: also a very nice add on for salads. Gives it just that little bit extra, like cheese does, imagine that: cheese but no cheese.

I hope this recipe will inspire you to make your own SPR green salad. Share yours below, would love to see.


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