Marktplaats Hot Tips: 9 x Leather Jackets


Vintage Leather jackets

Having a serious marktplaats/ebay/fleamarket passion, means I dig up some true diamonds that might be just the thing you’re looking for. Or should be looking for for that matter. Check these 9 dashing pieces out. Be quick they’ll be gone before you know it.


#1 Frizzle away in this hot blue biker jacket

Blue Vintage Jacket Marktplaats

Bike around town in this one.

Size 36 or Small, cropped model. Genuine leather, true vintage piece.

Sold by Nikkie from Nijmegen, who bought it in the USA, and had it specially tailored.

No damages, lining still perfect condition.

Bidding, 40€ up!




#2 The OMG Orange Versace Biker Jacket

Vintage Versace 70s Biker Jacket

Now here you have found yourself a true Italian Vintage biker jacket. Old school Versace.

Is there anything more romantic than the daydream of how life is for cats from old Italian fashion empires like Versace back in the day? Don’t think so.

Size 38/XS-S (Italian size 42)

Sold by Koolbrand from Ghent, Belgium.

Price set at €70,-

#3 A Blue-ti-ful Multi-coloured Vintage Jacket

Blue Vintage Leather Sude JacketA one in a million, perfect condition jacket for the bigger bodies. Fill this one up completely in 70’s style (I think: comment if you can tell me more…

Size 44/46 (XL) (sure it looks lovely on a 42/L as well!)

No damages, check out the ad for the lovely back and more details.

Sold by Anna, who set the price at:

€75,- but bidding from 45



#4 Score Straight A’s In This A-line Pink Jacket

Pink Leather Vintage Jacket Size 40Looking pretty in this pink vintage awesome cute jacket. It looks in perfect condition, and it will look just lovely with a pair of ripped jeans or just a cute small dress. Definitely a got-to-have.

Sold by Bella, from Vogelwaarde, Zeeland (somewhere down the Netherlands)

Size 38(S-M), but can be worn with a larger size, up to 42 (L)

€? Bidding, no set price!



#5 A Classic: The Brown Mega Flasher Jacket

Long Brown Vintage Coat Size 38A classic. The long leather coat with waist strap. Good for flashing at your partner or just to look in-despicably good.

Sold by Chantal from Bergen op Zoom, Zeeland. She also sells lots and lots of beads and bracelets and more beads.

Size: 36 (S)

€50,- and bidding. Go Chantal!




#6 Green Eyes For This Long Beauty

Steel the show with this super power ninja coat. Genuine leather, sheep furry collar.Long Green Coat Vintage Leather

Size 38 (M) to 40 (M/L)

Sold by Karin from Gorssel In Gelderland!

Price? €50,- and it is yours!





#7 The Short Quick Sporty Jacket

A small one, super vintage. Can see the tucked in short sleeved blouse already under this lovely jacket. And so cheap too!Short Jacket Fox Coloured Vintage

Sold by Sanne from Amsterdam.

Size 36 (S) however: my point of view, rather smaller than larger with these types of jackets.

FOR ONLY 15€ ! Wow.





#8 An Elegant Beige Eyecatcher (for the tall only I guess)

Beige Beauty this one. Ready to rock it? The coat even has wide sleeves, take a look at the ad for details.Leather Vintage Long Coat

Sold by mysterious S.E. (who has some other vintage things too, take a look at her shop)

Size: 34/36 (XS/S)

Goes for €65,- so you have to be certain it should be yours





#9 C U T E Teddy Lined Vintage Green Eye Catcher 

Saving the best for last, this green lovely jacket (true 60’s Barbie kind of thing). It is cheap too, only 25€,-. 60s jacket green teddy lining

Sold by 2art4U, so thank you for keeping your prices happy!

Size: 36 (S) and was bought in France, it’s a petite!

Yours for €25,- or the highest bidder






That’s it again little cool cats! Keep checking every week: we’ll curate some nice pieces for you to bid or buy on Marktplaats.

Next week: BELTS!



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